Cyber TRUST™ Index

Tracking Investment Sentiment on Cybersecurity
Unbiased index that is Focused, Broad Based, and Provides Context

Cyber TRUST™ Index

As of Aug. 1st
Index at 100 on January 1, 2020
July. 1st
July Since Russian Attack on Ukraine Year to Date
TRUST™ Index
S&P 500
Global TECH

Option3’s proprietary Cyber TRUST’ Index is developed out of internal valuation benchmarks we developed over 6 years of investing in private cyber companies but tracking the growing pool of publicly traded pureplay
cyber stocks.


TRUST™ is not linked to an ETF, and not designed to
outperform any benchmark. There is no concept of “going to cash”. It simply delivers an unbiased, pureplay but broad-based indicator of investor sentiment to the sector. We provide this to investors purely for informational


Our approach also provides “context” through a growing series of sub-indices, or “Indicators” (which may include stocks, not in the benchmark TRUST™ Index) that allow us to understand the cyber industry by sub-sector, technology customer, or geography. While proprietary to Option3, we are available to discuss

Since 1/1/2020: TRUST™ vs S&P & Tech Sector
2022 Yr To Date: TRUST™ vs S&P & Tech Sector